Charles Linshaw, Erin Gann, Nurit Monacelli and Tom Dooley in

Prelude to the First Day by Ted LoRusso in collaboration with Sturgis Warner

Liam Torres, Doug Simpson, Gardiner Comfort, Maggie Low, Lynne McCollough, Karen Forte, Erin Treadway and Andres Muñar in a Twilight reading of The Dudleys by Steven Gridley, directed by Andres Muñar.

Twilight Theatre Company was created in May of 1998, in an attempt to return to the basics of an earlier era -- to simply produce more new plays in front of an audience.  For three and a half seasons Twilight accomplished just that.  We met with some success and had one very interesting project, “Truck Theatre,” that never came to fruition.  In 2002, Twilight shifted its operations to a less public mode.  Production ceased, but script development and the championing of new work continued unabated.

In 2008, Twilight rekindled it's public presence with a workshop production of Ted LoRusso's PRELUDE TO THE FIRST DAY, Suite for Four Actors and Percussionist.  In 2010 Twilight produced PALESTINE by Najla Saïd which had a sold out 9 week Off-Broadway run.

Twilight Theatre Company is a no-overhead operation.  All money raised goes into the work itself.  Twilight shifts between the public and private mode.  Either way, the work continues...









Obie Award actor Edwin Lee Gibson

in suits by Michael John Garcés

Obie Award actor Rebecca Wisocky

in All Fall Away by Saïd Sayrafiezadeh